The Secret Garden Of Her Soul Colab




I am Jenni Elizabeth, an avid photographer and passionate solo-entrepreneur.

I see BIG things in small gestures and I'm absolutely in love with what I do. I'm all about the authentic things in life and live for creating honest and genuine work. I call Cape Town my home, but I am truly inspired by travelling and the diversity our beautiful country has to offer.

As a photographer, I take pride in offering a highly personalised service. When I step behind the lens on your behalf, my devotion is focused on you and your story, or that of your brand. As a visual artist, I can't help but poor a little bit of myself into every shoot that I do. 

My background as a photographer has been predominantly weddings, but for the last 2 years I have welcomed other genres as part of my repertoire. Apart from creating visual content & stories, I have a big passion for teaching and helping others to up-skill themselves. In 2020 during lock down, I launched my Mobile Phone Photography Workshops and Training which has since become a wonderful part of my business.    




After finishing my studies at Isa Carstens in 2012, I worked as a Stomatologist for 7 years. Always wanting  to do something creative as well, but never had the time. In 2019 I decided to put my skin therapy career on hold for a year and did a make-up and hair course at Alicia Buckle School of make-up.


I am so lucky to be able to do both the things I enjoy. I feel content in knowing that I can help people in various ways & feel happy about my work.

082 0484 335

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The Original Romantic:

As the Original Romantic is designed and manufactured locally. We use BODY MEASUREMENTS to size our items. We will always try and give a clear description of each item, but items may differ according to the pattern, material, cut, fit and style.

Please see below a standard BODY MEASUREMENTS sizing chart but please note that sizing might differ on individual items according to the fit and style.

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The Romantic Traveller:

Please note these are GARMENT MEASUREMENTS.
Our Romantic Traveller items are sourced worldwide and are individually sized. These sizes differ on each and every item as the material, cut and style is unique to each individual item.
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