The Romantic Colab Season 1 Shoot

The Romantic CoLab Season 1


Nominated as one of the 100 coolest restaurants on the PLANET ... The AWESOME team behind 

THE ROMANTIC COLAB season one shoot

... also nominated as some of the 100 COOLEST people that I know ... Ivan, Hanri, Donovan Monique, where do I even begin to express my absolute GRATITUDE for coming on this lifelong dream adventure with me and for sharing in the heart and vision that is the Romantic Collective ... I had the best time becoming tourists in our country and making beautiful Cape Town memories with you ... Cant wait to celebrate your work and to finally be able to share your talent and passion that you brought to this project  #ForeverGrateful #TheFirstEverSeasonOne #TheRomanticTravelers #TheRomanticCoLab #OhBoyTee  #TheOutfitsYouMakeMemoriesIn #RoadTrippin


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I am a twenty-something proudly South African photographer. At the age of 6 I picked up my dad’s film camera and ever since I have never stopped taking photos. During my childhood days my poor (but keen) friends acted as models while I styled them with timeless outfits and makeup, spending hours capturing “magazine photos” of them. Patiently my dad and I would develop the film, neglecting my math homework. All my time and attention went to my scrapbook paradise where I boldly featured my photos. Exactly like a real magazine! My mom’s poor carpets were permanently covered in sequence, paint, photos and SARIE clippings. Right brain chaos!! 
Nonetheless the seed was planted and the dream only grew bigger and bigger from there… An now, 18 years later my Friday afternoon-playtime transformed into a blessed, colourful and established business. 
Gratitude is an UNDERSTATEMENT!    

HANRI: My colab experience with The Romantic Collective

We travelled all over Cape Town to find colourful walls and amazing nature backdrops! From cold early mornings, drizzle and take-away coffee in Kalkbay to barefoot sunny summer days with messy ice cream and the smell of the ocean – all of this and more filled our few days in Cape Town. We were tourists in our own country and what a privilege to call this place our home! This was an adventure I will never forget, it was so much fun to capture Donnalee’s picture-perfect personality in the hidden gems of Cape Town. I’ll do it again without a blink! 

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I'm Donovan Ekron, business & life partner of Hanri Human. I studied photography at Open Window a couple of years ago & have been shooting and learning from Hanri since 2016.Together we've travelled all over and I am honoured to say that I've been part of almost 100 weddings under her wing! I am really passionate about what I do and I absolutely love to be creative with Videography as well.

DONOVAN: Working with The Romantic Collective

Getting to know Ivan and Donnalee during our creative collaboration in the Western Cape was one of my favourite adventures. They inspire me with everything that they’ve accomplished, it was a real honour working with them.



My colab experience with The Romantic Collective

The Romantic colab gave me an opportunity see Cape Town with new eyes. I am a Capetonian and it was - as if for the first - time I really found myself being present in Cape Town, seeing most of the places for the first time and doing activities I’ve never done before. It was inspiring and reminded me of the gorgeous place that I get to call home!

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