Old Tannery

Old Tannery
A creative hub and family-friendly destination where people can eat, drink, shop and work.


KADOU Floral Artistry
Owned and operated by Amanda Theron, is based in Stellenbosch, South Africa but they are always ready to flower the world. They specialise in styling & florals for weddings, events and editorials.
“The art of floral design is filled with emotion and a deep sense of appreciation… seeing your design grow and come together is a process that always leaves you with a grateful heart.
I get lost not only in the details but also in the emotions of your celebration, your story matters. I do not believe working within constrictive lines and rather take inspiration from seasons, architecture and art.  As an artist, I believe in having 100% creative freedom – that makes my heart dance and hands itch with possibilities.”


Baie goeters
We’re Goeters. Beautiful Celebrations is What We Do.
Goeters is home to a collection of beautiful things that transcend styles and set new standards for distinctive event decorations.
We’re bold and delightfully different; we don’t merely think outside the box, we create the box and fill it with ideas and a touch of imagination!

Our unique items are hand-picked, providing you with charm and impeccable quality.
Goeters is based in Wellington, Western Cape, with happy customers all over the province.

Our primary goal is to bring customers their desired event- and wedding-look, taking them to a place of wonder, nostalgia and beauty.
Size Guide

Size Info:

The Original Romantic:

As the Original Romantic is designed and manufactured locally. We use BODY MEASUREMENTS to size our items. We will always try and give a clear description of each item, but items may differ according to the pattern, material, cut, fit and style.

Please see below a standard BODY MEASUREMENTS sizing chart but please note that sizing might differ on individual items according to the fit and style.

Original Sizing:


The Romantic Traveller:

Please note these are GARMENT MEASUREMENTS.
Our Romantic Traveller items are sourced worldwide and are individually sized. These sizes differ on each and every item as the material, cut and style is unique to each individual item.
Please refer to our sizing layout to help you measure as this is how we measure our Romantic Traveller items.
Flat Measurements.

If you are at all unsure about sizing, please feel free to contact us on info@theromanticcollective and we will try our best to help you find the right size.