Soul City Winter Shoot Team

For our #WinterRange we wanted to be anything but dull and muted ... our winter is HOT, BOLD & LOUD - and filled with ‘Oh so much SOUL!! We are making art, having fun and combining pops of colour with prints and check, chic trendy metallic pleats, moto jackets, studs and soft feminine knits, sleek lines with voluminous sleeves ... and celebrating how well they all work together.

Angelique Smith



I’m a dreamer and traveller stuck in a 30-something body that shares a home with my Beloved and our fur babies Snoekie, Fudge & Stella in Somerset West where I’m always busy planning the next shoot and adventure.
As I go about living life I use photography as a tool to bring my imagination to life and to tell stories of love, adventure and beauty. My images should be a way for you to see your most beautiful self and to remember to live your kick-ass life and dance like no ones watching.


Romantic CoLab Experience 

What a privilege it was to collaborate with the team from 
The Romantic Collective on their 2019 Winter Collection as the Photographer. When Donnalee told me how her wardrobe was
filled with unforgettable stories and how that became part of the inspiration for the brand I immediately raided my own to make space for new adventures. She just has such an incredible energy about her that is in every single piece of their curated winter collection.The bold colours is like fabric Prozac and has an energy that is as infectious as Donnalee’s smile and passion for The Romantic Collective. Wishing everyone who has a piece of The Romantic Collective in their closet all the wonderful adventures and happy memories that this world has to offer!

Alicia Buckle

Make Up & Hair Artist
As a little girl I always played with makeup, a cute Thinkerbelle set was my chosen toolkit with which I created wonderful works of art. Most of my playtime was spent in the hair salon of my mother whom allowed me to absolutely explore the creative side of me. 
After studying skincare, working in the beauty industry and teaching at Isa Carstens academy in Stellenbosch, I realised that my one and only passion would always be makeup. I always dreamt of making woman pretty and making a difference in someone’s life. 
I opened my own makeup and hairstyling school in 2010 and I am very proud to say that the last 11 years in the makeup industry has been a wonderful and fulfilling journey and I am exactly were I belong, I am living my dream! Everyday! 
I am also very much in love with my very handsome husband, married for the last 11 years. And have the 2 most beautiful boys, Wilhelm and Daniel. 
I thank God for every day and for every opportunity and I thank Him for holding my brushes and for giving me the knowledge to see what my client’s needs are.  And I give all the glory to Him. 

My Romantic CoLab Experience - 

Working with The Romantic Collective team was such a huge huge privilege for me. First of all because I am such a big fan of Donnalee and I just love doing her makeup and hair and shooting with her. Her very beautiful heart inspires me every time we work together. 
And secondly because I LOVE every single piece of clothing in this line, I literally shopped while we were shooting ... the quality is amazing! Perfectly on trend and Donnalee show’s you how to wear every outfit differently with 2/3 options. 
I am a big Romantic Collective Fan!!!!

Secondluke Films:




''Secondluke films is a means to our creative end. Its is inspired by loved ones and encouraged by marriage. It is also inspired by second chances in life and to live in abundance. It is inspired by the seconds that change our lives and the moments that take our breath away. It is inspired by a second perspective. It is inspired by a pun, because what will life be without those. It is inspired by people, passion and purpose.''

Romantic Collective Co Lab Experience:

We felt an excitement overload when Donnalee asked us to be part of this amazing shoot. We felt so honored working with her again, as well as with some of the industries’ best.
We were blown away by the location. The sunrise on the Rooftop of The Radison Red Hotel was nothing short of magical. It was so amazing to experience Cape Town on a whole new level with such a bunch of amazing humans. 
We had such a great experience filming Donnalee 
and had jaw-dropping moments every time we saw a new garment. The love, time and effort put into the new range speaks for itself. It was so much fun and we are so thankful for the opportunity.
Love Nienie & Christiaan.
Size Guide

Size Info:

The Original Romantic:

As the Original Romantic is designed and manufactured locally. We use BODY MEASUREMENTS to size our items. We will always try and give a clear description of each item, but items may differ according to the pattern, material, cut, fit and style.

Please see below a standard BODY MEASUREMENTS sizing chart but please note that sizing might differ on individual items according to the fit and style.

Original Sizing:


The Romantic Traveller:

Please note these are GARMENT MEASUREMENTS.
Our Romantic Traveller items are sourced worldwide and are individually sized. These sizes differ on each and every item as the material, cut and style is unique to each individual item.
Please refer to our sizing layout to help you measure as this is how we measure our Romantic Traveller items.
Flat Measurements.

If you are at all unsure about sizing, please feel free to contact us on info@theromanticcollective and we will try our best to help you find the right size.