Macrame Grey Clutch

Romantic Collective

The idea for a name was born many years ago when I lost the negatives to some photos.

Suddenly the photos became more precious because there was no negative to reprint it from. Along with my principles of avoiding the use of plastics, sourcing only locally produced materials and integrating recycled or reclaimed materials into my designs…NO NEGATIVE became the obvious choice for my brand name.
I am Charlene, the hands behind the handmade. As a born and bred Capetonian, living remotely in the desert with my husband and 3 young kids, I had no choice, but to learn how to make something out of nothing. Like a toy box from old cupboard doors, or bread boards from an old bed base. It soon became an obsession and then ultimately a business. I source only local natural raw materials, experiment with botanical dyes and spend my time in thrift shops, looking for pre-loved items to integrate into a piece, hoping to create long lasting décor items with soul. Each finished project is unique, and even when remade, will vary from the original design. Catch me at the Bluebird Garage and Food Market, or ‘pop by’ my Hello Pretty Store to see my latest products.

Thank you for supporting my craft!

Our Colab experience:

Donna is a ray of sunshine whose energy is instantly infectious. I love how she knew exactly what she wanted and understood the creative limitations. The Romantic Colab is both an incredible way to combine different tastes and cultures as well as a way to celebrate the diversity of local talents. I am so happy to share a part in it.


Washing Instructions:

Our Macrame Clutches are handmade with Natural South African Cotton.
Colours may vary from a bright white to a more natural tone, due to the rope production process.

The bags are hand washable in warm soapy water. Dry on a flat surface shaded from direct sunlight.

The fringe can be refreshed by brushing through it lightly with your fingers or a wide- toothed comb.

Botanically dyed bags should be washed separately in cold soapy water and dried in the same manner as above.

For stain protection please follow the instructions on a general fabric protector like Scotchgard. (available from leading supermarket chains or craft stores.)

Size Guide

Collections: The Romantic Co’Lab

Type: Bag

Size Guide

Size Info:

The Original Romantic:

As the Original Romantic is designed and manufactured locally. We use BODY MEASUREMENTS to size our items. We will always try and give a clear description of each item, but items may differ according to the pattern, material, cut, fit and style.

Please see below a standard BODY MEASUREMENTS sizing chart but please note that sizing might differ on individual items according to the fit and style.

Original Sizing:


The Romantic Traveller:

Please note these are GARMENT MEASUREMENTS.
Our Romantic Traveller items are sourced worldwide and are individually sized. These sizes differ on each and every item as the material, cut and style is unique to each individual item.
Please refer to our sizing layout to help you measure as this is how we measure our Romantic Traveller items.
Flat Measurements.

If you are at all unsure about sizing, please feel free to contact us on info@theromanticcollective and we will try our best to help you find the right size.