SEAzing the Moment

SEAzing the Moment

February 07, 2019

SEAzing the Moment ...

So there is just something about the smell of seasalt in the air that makes it feel like holiday ... I get that bills have to be paid and deadlines met, so (even if your local) there isn’t always time to stop and smell the  sea... but you se[a]e... its all in how you look at it - because you can ABSOLUTELY turn a lunch hour into a mini-lunch-hour-holiday by going for an ice cream, taking a moment to sit under a tree, having a cup of tea or even listening to your favourite song... just as long as you make sure to push everything else aside and focus on that moment!!
I know... I know... it’s so much easier said than done - our lives are made up of millions of moments and every time you rush past one, that’s a moment lost forever with no option of pressing the rewind button, but I promise you (coming from someone who lives in fast forward mode and who sometimes feels that the earth is a never ending spinning ball that I am trying to balance on whilst running the hundred meter sprint) literally one moment in every day to just BE without being on your way somewhere will somehow make EVERYTHING else worthwhile!! 
So, did anybody say ICE CREAM (well there is a mini holiday within itself right there - no matter where you eat it) but if you ever come to Cape Town, a Sea Point promenade-sunset-ice-cream is the perfect gift at the end of a deadline-filled day!! And even though you can’t ride off into the sunset leaving your daily stress and realities behind - you CAN rent a bicycle and take a ride down the promenade!! 
And if your visiting for a bit longer or you have a day to just BE in - Oh Boy do we suggest fish & ‘tjips’ at Kalkys at the old Kalk Bay Harbour - it’s fresh off the boat and an absolute institution, simple but vibrant with great sea, mountain and harbour views!! Or go surfing (even if its just a lesson) in Muizenberg and then bury your feet in the 200m stretch of sand against a backdrop of candy coloured bathing houses and then just BE... 
BE IN THAT MOMENT... press pause on your moment... SEAze it and feel how a day can somehow turn into a (holi)DAY.

Love Donnalee & The Romantic Collective Team... xxx

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