March 18, 2019


(v.) to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself in your work.
As we come to the end of the first chapter of the Romantic Collective season 1, I find myself so completely overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by all the love & support, overwhelmed by every romantic who has joined our JOurneY and shared her memory and moments, overwhelmed by the amount of courage that it took to finally take the jump from just dreaming to being - to actually start the JOurneY and by how much JOY it has filled my heart with. To create a platform that is all about dreaming and working hard to turn those dreams into a reality. A platform where we can all inspire each other to explore and to turn the smallest moments into the greatest adventures, where we can collaborate and encourage creativity, where all the items become the outfits we make memories in...
As a little girl my mom would make paper dolls for me to play with, and she would cut out outfits that I could ‘dress’ my dolls with, it had little wings on either side that I would then fold over my little paper dolls’ body...and I would spend hours decorating these little outfits with just about anything I could find. How lovely to now be able to look back at those memories and know that the love and soul and creativity I used to put into making little paper doll outfits, I now get to live out through 
The Romantic Collective. 
My hope and dream is for us to keep on sharing in each other’s JOurneY, to find JOY in it!! 
May we all live a life that is the definition of Meraki - When you love doing something, anything, so much - that you put something of yourself, your own essence into it.
During our #ChapterOne series we wanted to showcase our beautiful Mother City - Cape Town as the perfect #BucketList destination. We hope you had fun ‘traveling & exploring’ with us. 
Please share you memories with us so that we can also join in your JOurneY.
Our last few items of our Chapter One series will still be available for the next week, you can click on this link: 
All our love ...
Donnalee & The Romantic Collective Team xxx
P.S. Next week we start our Chapter Two series ... and it’s gonna be WILD!! 

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